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Climbing Rope Dog Leashes

Tuff Barker is a dog leash company based in Loveland, Colorado that makes unique and strong climbing rope dog leashes and dog leads. Our dog leashes are hand made and are built out of real dynamic nylon climbing ropes that come in multiple colors and patterns.  Yes, you heard that right, real climbing rope. The same climbing ropes that people use and trust their lives with while hanging hundreds of feet off the ground on the side of mountains!

Strength and safety is a huge factor when choosing a dog leash. Therefore, we use stainless steel standard clips and locking screw gate carabiners. Unlike a lot of dog leashes on the market, Tuff Barker allows you to customize your order by being able to choose the color, length and clip style of your dog leash.  

Are you a huge dog lover like us?  We thought so. So join the pack now and get your four legged friend a Tuff Barker dog leash today and be the bark of the town! 







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